New Selective School Syllabus


Thinking Skills

The Thinking Skills module replaces the General Ability Module of the selective school test.

It introduces a variety of new content including English and Mathematical skills. However more focus is on the English skills. We have created content to cover the new type of questions asked in the Thinking skills exam.

A few changes include strengthening and weakening arguments, identifying flaws in arguments and necessary but not sufficient conditions.


Mathematical Reasoning

The mathematical part of the earlier exam has been replaced with a new section called Mathematical Reasoning.

In the earlier selective exams there were purely mathematical questions and general ability questions requiring little interpretation of the problem. This section now requires English skills in addition to mathematical skills.

We have created new content which reflects the new type of questions incorporating English with Mathematics. To know more about the changes we have made click the link below.


New Pattern Reading Comprehension

The English section of the exam has been totally revamped and the difficulty level raised.

The new English section requires students to comprehend new types of texts. For example, paired texts where questions are asked on two related texts. We have created new comprehension passages based on all the new text types.

This will help the students to become familiar with the new text types and approach the exam with confidence.

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