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Learn from experienced teachers who have scored very high in their respective subjects.

Coaching available for…


Coaching available for all Year 11 & 12 courses including Mathematics Life Skills, Mathematics Standard 1 & 2, Mathematics Advanced, Mathematics Extension 1 & 2. Experienced maths teachers explain underlying concepts in an easy to understand way. Extensive resources are provided to consolidate students learning.


Our experienced and highly skilled teachers help students develop a greater understanding of the basic concepts of physics. Preparing them for undertaking post-school studies in a wide range of STEM subjects. Easy to understand resources developed by the institute are provided to the students.


Our highly qualified teachers will help further students’ knowledge and understanding of the living world by explaining biological concepts like origin and evolution of life on earth. There is emphasis on practical investigations to explain how systems work. Students are taught about human biology, genetics and diseases.


Teachers specialising in Chemistry help students visualise the dynamic world of atoms, chemical interactions and the structure, composition and reactions of and between elements, compounds and mixtures. Problem-solving skills are developed by focusing on the exploration of models, analysis of theories and laws and an understanding of their interconnectedness.


Coaching available for all Year 11 & 12 English standard, English advanced and English extension. Extensive resources for each course are provided to the students. Comprehensive coverage of the new NSW syllabus in every course is ensured. 

Excellent Past Results

Fizza Chaudhary
“I had been struggling in Mathematics throughout year 11 and wasn’t able to find a good tutor until I found Kasvi. Kasvi’s dedication as a tutor not only shines through her teaching but also to help the student in every way she can. She not only improved my maths but also improved my organisational skills which helped me in other subjects. She makes sure that you understand each and every concept properly and throughly practiced it before moving on.”
Ria Singh, UNSW Actuary
“Kasvi was my tutor for extension 2 maths and helped improve my understanding of difficult concepts in that subject. She provided a lot of resources for practice which helped my exam preparation. She also helped me in other subjects on her own time.”
Abhinav Reddy Nayani currently at Sydney Boys
"Thanks to the team at Bullseye Education I have gotten into Sydney Boys. The excellent resources and individual attention when required helped me to get a high enough marks. The best place to study for OC and selective exams in my opinion"
Parents of Fariha Zaman, student at Sydney Girls High
“Kasvi Tutored our daughter for selective  from early year 5 all the way through to the exams. She taught Fariha for all selective subjects; GA, English, Maths & Writing. She explains concepts throughly, identfied and worked on weaknesses and improved Fariha's results. She also worked on exam techniques and timing considerations in an exam setting. Fariha got 240 plus marks in Selective which were enough for James Ruse as well.”
Daksh Joshi currently at Sydney Boys
"Without the excellent resources and supporting teachers I would have never made it to Sydney Boys. The material used was very helpful in answering questions in the Exam. The teachers were easy to approach."

Give students the right tools to succeed.

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