Selective School Coaching

Send your child to a top ranking Selective School

Why give the selective school examination?

Right Track

A high proportion of students gain entry to top Australian Universities in their chosen field of study.

Access to best teachers

Children get access to the best teachers in the school who have the required knowledge and skills to engage them.

High motivation

Children motivation levels remain high due to the collaborative environment and good teacher support.

Focused students

They work in a competitive environment which keeps them focused, disciplined and they work hard.

Impact of school ranking

The students in selective schools get a higher ATAR due to the better performance of the cohorts in these schools.


Children get high ATAR and end up in good universities in the field of their choice.

Your child’s pathway to a top Selective School

New Syllabus, New Content.
Thousands of New Questions Created.

English Comprehension

New reading comprehension resources have been created using the new style or questions. These includes Poetry, Fill the gaps in the paragraph (examining contextual reading skills), identification of Extracts( examining comparing and contrasting and summarising skills). Each and every class is conduted using resources the new resources.

Mathematical Reasoning

New resources covering mathematical reasong have been created. Questions cover new topics including numbers and place value, claculations,fractions and decimals, ratio and proportions, algebra, measurement, geometry and statistics. students will now require use their language skills to understand the question and make appropriate strategies to solve the questions. Each and every class is practicing these types of questions now.

Thinking Skills

The thinking skills section has replaced the general ability section in the OC examination. The thinking skill section has two parts; problem solving and critical thinking. New questions have been created both for Problem solving and Critical Thinking. Questions have been created for each question type likley to appear in the exam. Students are now practicing these questions in our classrooms.

For detailed information about the selective exam and sample tests click here.

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